Why Use Us

Thousands of Satisfied Clients

We’ve practiced long enough and been involved in enough cases to have built up a vast array of loyal clients across Durban. Our law practice, while heavily focused on winning cases for our clients, also know that legal matters can be frustrating and emotionally trying and always try to observe understanding and sensitivity when advising our client.

We keep our clients abreast of everything that transpires in their case and make sure they’re fully aware of all their options before moving forward with anything.

Vast Legal Experience

M.P. Lutge Incorporated is one of the most highly regarded law firms in Durban with over 25 years of experience collectively. Our legal services encompass almost all elements of law practiced in South Africa. This gives our firm an incredibly comprehensive knowledge of the rule of law and how it is functionally practiced in various legal matters, be it civil litigation, property conveyancing or just the simple drawing up of a will and testament.

We can concentrate this broad legal expertise onto any specific case, ensuring we always give our clients not only the best representation our firm can produce but also a much better chance of their legal issue turning in their favour.

We Don’t Stop Fighting For Our Clients

There are many law firms in South Africa that just focus on resolving a case and collecting their legal fees. At M.P. Lutge, we shape our services around the goals of our clients. We don’t stop fighting for you, exploring every legal avenue until we’ve either gotten our client what they want, or exhausted all the options.

Of all the law firms in Durban, it can be hard to find a practice that focuses it’s comprehensive legal expertise on the legal concerns of any single client. But it’s that ideal that allows our attorneys to deliver results and maintain the standard of excellence that we’ve set for ourselves.

On the Board of Almost All Major Banks

We are approved by most major banks in South Africa. This allows us to speed up certain proceedings related to the processing of financial documentation.

Our practice of finance law in Durban is easily facilitated by this connection so we can make sure that your financial legal matters are solved with very little hassle and you won’t have to spend months waiting for a simple result.