Opening of Township Titles / Sectional Title Schemes

Opening of Township Registers are necessary to effect individual transfers in respect of sites shown on the general plan.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated our team of expert Conveyancers assist in the opening of your township register by ensuring that your

  1. general plan is filed at the deeds registry quickly and correctly
  2. the registrar of deeds forthwith opens a township register in respect of the designated land concerned; and
  3. at the opening of such a register:
    a. the designated land is deemed to be a township established in accordance with the law governing the establishment of townships in force in the area in which the designated land is situated;
    b. all servitudes or restrictive conditions capable of cancellation are cancelled;

Our expert team of Conveyancers in Durban have over thirty years of experience dealing in the opening of township registers. This ensures that your township register is opened expertly and efficiently. Over the last three decades and more, our founder, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, has developed a deeper understanding of what the Deeds Office requires when opening a township register which means we get things done the first time, every time.

Our founder has also, over the last thirty years, built up a network of expert legal specialist Conveyancers throughout South Africa, the result of which is that we are not only widely regarded throughout the country as one of the best conveyancing law firms dealing in the opening of township registers but are also able to open township registers anywhere in South Africa.

Give yourself the best advantage available and contact M. P. Lutge Incorporated, whether you are in Durban or elsewhere in South Africa, to deal with your Opening of a Township Register.

Sectional Title Schemes

Sectional Title Schemes deal in the concept of shared ownership. The Sectional Titles Act introduced the concept of ownership of a Unit comprising a section and an undivided share in the common property.

Contact our highly skilled and practised firm of Conveyancers if you would like to:

  1. build and to sell the finished town houses or flats to the future owners;
  2. develop and sell free-standing residential units in leisure & lifestyle developments (golf estates, eco estates, etc.);
  3. wish to market undeveloped (empty) sectional title stands;

As a developer you need to develop property in a way that maximises the saleability of you units. Use our team of expert Conveyancers in Durban to open a Sectional Title Scheme and give you the following benefits:

  1. Sectional titles provide security (community living, gated entrances, etc), which, for investors, means their sectional title scheme units are attractive as prospective tenants also look for security;
  2. Sectional title schemes relieve the investor from management of the communal areas (usually an investor would have to maintain a house and its garden at his or her cost, while in sectional title properties everything outside the section is maintained by an appointed managing agent and the owners pay for this service with their monthly levies);
  3. upon the establishment of the sectional title scheme in the deeds registry, reserve such a right in terms of section 25 of the Act (in terms of section 25 of the Sectional Titles Act, a developer may reserve the right to extend the scheme onto an adjoining property, which means you can retain future potential to make profit)
  4. There is a growing trend of people preferring close-knit communities and greater interaction with their neighbours, which means section title scheme units are more easily sold;
  5. Pools, tennis courts or other amenities are maintained by the Body Corporate and the cost is shared (this contrasts with freehold property where the owner is responsible for all costs);

With our expert team of Conveyancers at M. P. Lutge Incorporated in Durban, we draw on over thirty years experience to give you guidance and help with the following aspects:

  1. Approval of town planning application;
  2. Land surveying and registration with the Land Surveyor General;
  3. Record of Decision (approval of the E.I.A.);
  4. Proclamations;
  5. Opening of a Sectional Title Registers;
  6. Site Development Plans;
  7. Real rights of extension;

Over the last three decades our founder has built up a network of expert legal specialists throughout South Africa, with the result that we are not only widely regarded throughout the country as one of the best conveyancing firms dealing with the opening of Sectional Title Schemes but are also able to open your Sectional Title scheme regardless of where you are situated in the country.

Ensure your development is dealt with professionally and proficiently and contact M. P. Lutge Incorporated from anywhere in South Africa to deal with the Opening of your Sectional Title Scheme.