Property Law

If you’ve ever taken part in the conveyance of a house, transferred ownership on a car or signed a rental agreement for your apartment, you’ll know how unnecessarily long and confusing the legal process can be. And in certain instances, you may not even be fully aware of what it is you’re exactly agreeing to.

Our services in property law in Durban, have helped dozens of clients enter in prudent and beneficial legal contracts and made the transfer property a painless process. The primary focus of our law firm is to keep our clients fully aware of the details of a transaction and how they can maximise their benefit from it.

As we are approved by most major banks, we can ensure the process is facilitated in a timely manner.

Property Attorneys

The practice of property law is incredibly diverse. We can assists with legal services and consultation for most property related legal issues:

  • Property Transfers
  • Opening of Township Titles / Sectional Title Schemes
  • Bond Cancellations and Registrations
  • Notarial Agreements / Endorsements
  • General Property Advice
  • Sale Agreements
  • Lease Agreements

If you have a legal property issue, where you feel your rights have been infringed upon or want to conduct any kind of transfer of property in Durban, contact us and we’ll discuss either how to get what you want out of the transaction or what legal measures are at your disposal.