Housing Tribunal

Rental Housing Tribunal litigation can help you deal with your matter faster, cheaper, and without having to appear in court.

Rental Housing Tribunal litigation may be you answer if you have a dispute with your landlord regarding any of the following points:

  1. Non-refund of deposits;
  2. Problems that arise due to leases that are not in full compliance with the law;
  3. Non-payment of rent;
  4. Harassment and intimidation;
  5. Eviction without a court order and lock outs;
  6. Lack of maintenance to the dwelling;
  7. Overcrowding;
  8. Exploitative rent and service charges;
  9. House rules;
  10. The issuing of receipts for rent payments;
  11. Service cuts-offs without a court order;

At our highly regarded law firm, we know that the benefit of litigating in the Rental Housing Tribunal lies in its convenience and low cost to the disputants. We ensure that Rental Housing Tribunal litigation offers you a more streamlined justice by resolving your dispute without approaching the tradition legal system, which could take months, if not years, to resolve the matter.

Our expert and proficient legal team at M. P. Lutge Incorporated in Durban, has been involved in thousands of rental related matters and are widely regarded as one of the leading attorneys litigating at the Rental Housing Tribunal. M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s founder, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, having over three decades of experience in rental related matters, has an in depth knowledge of litigating before the Rental Housing Tribunal.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated has, since its inception, grown and developed into a team of experts within the company and throughout South Africa. Our law firm has, over the last thirty years, developed a network of expert legal professionals who are capable of litigating at any Rental Housing Tribunal, not only in Durban but also anywhere in South Africa.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, we pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled legal service by ensuring your matter is dealt with quickly and effectively, throughout the litigation proceedings, at the Rental Housing Tribunal.