High Court Litigation

High Court litigation at M. P. Lutge Incorporated is one of our firm’s specialities.

Our professional and practised team of attorneys at our Durban head office, complimented by a network of skilled legal specialists throughout South Africa, are widely regarded throughout South Africa as one of the best law firms litigating in the High Court.

If you have received, or wish to issue, a Letter of Demand, High Court Summons, or High Court Notice of Motion, it is of the utmost importance that you approach an expert to ensure that your claim or defence is proceeded with in a manner that optimizes your chances of success.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, our founder and director, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, has been litigating out of the High Court for over thirty years. Over the course of time, M. P. Lutge Incorporated has not only grown within itself (now boasting a team of experts in High Court litigation) but has also formed an association of talented and knowledgeable attorneys throughout the country. The result is twofold:

  1. We have the experience necessary to ensure you the best possible outcome; and
  2. We are able to assist you anywhere in South Africa, whether or not you are in Durban;

Though our firm of attorneys is proficient in all aspects of High Court litigation, we have briefly listed some of our more notable areas of expertise:

  1. Urgent Court Applications;
  2. Eviction Applications;
  3. Examination, Cross-Examination, and Re-examination;
  4. In court argument;
  5. Obtaining expert evidence;
  6. Liaising with court officials from Clerks of Court, Registrars, and Magistrates;
  7. Attending to research;
  8. Affidavits;
  9. Letters of Demand;
  10. General Applications;
  11. General Summons;
  12. Pleas;
  13. Warrants of Execution;
  14. Appeals;
  15. Rescissions of Judgment;
  16. Administration Orders;
  17. Arbitrations, Mediations, and Conciliations

M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s Durban firm of attorneys, being one of the most highly regarded law firms locally and nationally, is your best bet to make certain that your results are unsurpassed in respect of your High Court litigation matter.