Often, when a legal dispute comes up between two people, and the two parties can’t come to an agreement through mediation then a formal trial judgement is the only real option left. We at M.P. Lutge understand the stress and risk associated with court appearances and litigation. Therefore, our Durban based firm focuses on tireless preparation for any eventuality, ensuring we can always give our clients the highest calibre of legal services during any court case.

Court appearances at rental housing tribunals or magistrates court, for instance, can often be a lot more hassle than they’re worth to a client. With the constant disruptions to your schedule and the unneeded anxiety that comes with a trial battle, we focus on securing a speedy court decision that satisfies our client’s claim so you can start moving on with your life.

Litigation Attorneys

When it comes to court trials, our attorneys won’t stop until we’ve explored every single option and and legal argument at your disposal. We combine our extensive legal knowledge with a strong sense of client satisfaction to deliver favourable trial judgements, no matter how tough the matter seems.

  • High Court Litigation
  • Magistrates Court Litigation
  • Housing Tribunal
  • C.C.M.A.
  • Labour Court
  • Divorce Court

Whether you’re going to court for a large claim in the High Courts of South Africa or just on a simple labour dispute at CCMA, our Durban law firm will adamantly fight to get you what owed in any court case judgements. Call our attorneys to talk further about your case.