Parenting Plan Agreements

Parenting Plan Agreements are agreements that separated parents make about how their children will be cared for and supported.

Parenting Plan Agreements are necessary, whether you have just decided to separate or have been separated for some time, if the following is important to you:

  1. who your children will live with;
  2. what time your children will spend with each parent;
  3. what time your children will spend with other people, such as grandparents , siblings, step-parents or other people that are important to your children;
  4. what activities each of you will do with your children (e.g. sports, homework, music) and whether both of you can agree to attend some important events with your children;
  5. how you will share parental responsibility and decision making about the big things (e.g. what school your children will go to, decisions about healthcare);
  6. how you will talk about and come to agreement on the important, long-term issues as your children grow, their needs change or either of the parent’s circumstances change;
  7. how your children will keep in touch with the other parent and other people important to your children when they are with you;
  8. what arrangements are made for special occasions such as birthdays, religious or cultural events, holidays, graduation days;
  9. financial arrangements for the children;

Many children worry about what will happen to them when their parents split up, and it can be a big relief to them if the parenting plan arrangement is clear and predictable.

At our Durban firm, M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s founder has, since he first began dealing with the equivalent of parenting plan agreements over thirty years ago, ensured that the parenting plan agreements he drafts cover all the aspects that are important to you and that make the parenting plan agreement enforceable in a court of law.

Our flexible approach to parenting plan agreements means that we can have one implemented over the telephone, by email, or, more traditionally, face-to-face.

Over the last three decades, we have built a network of expert legal professionals capable of assisting you with all of your parenting plan agreement needs. Whether you are in Durban or elsewhere in South Africa, contact our firm.

Having a professional firm of attorneys, with a reputation as one of the best family law attorneys in South Africa, prepare your parenting plan agreement means that:

  1. your parenting plan agreement will suit your circumstances;
  2. your parenting plan agreement will deal with the aspects that affect your children straightforwardly;
  3. your ex-spouse will not be in a position to surprise you with sudden demands or refusals to take responsibility;
  4. the best interests of your children will be served;
  5. your parenting plan agreement will be recognised by law;
  6. your parenting plan agreement will be made an order of court;

Regardless of where you are in South Africa, we at M. P. Lutge Incorporated are your attorneys in Durban for expert Parenting Plan Agreements.