Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Parental rights and responsibilities were, prior to 2005, referred to as access and care.

It is of the utmost importance that you have the best possible legal representation when you consider that parental rights and responsibilities include the right and responsibility:

  1. to care for your child;
  2. to maintain contact with your child;
  3. to act as guardian of your child; and
  4. to contribute to the maintenance of your child.

As a result of the above it is very important for you to call our experts at M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s Durban offices. Our knowledgeable and practices attorneys have the expertise to protect your parental rights and responsibilities and ensure that your rights in respect of your child are well protected.

Since our founder, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, began dealing with matters involving the parental rights and responsibilities of his client’s over thirty years ago, has managed to put together a team of experts, within the company and throughout South Africa, capable of dealing with even the most complicated circumstances.

Furthermore, this network of expert legal professionals, hand crafted over the last three decades, are capable of assisting you anywhere in the country.

Our expert attorneys ensure your parental rights and responsibilities are enforced. Should you ex-spouse inhibit your parental rights and responsibilities, in any way, we will approach the court for the following:

  1. An interdict;
  2. An order directing compliance; and/or
  3. An order finding him/her guilty of a criminal sanction.

Regardless of where you are in South Africa, our professional and proficient attorneys placed throughout the country are waiting to provide you with the best legal service in respect of your parental rights and responsibilities.