Maintenance – Child and Spousal

Divorce Maintenance attorneys, who are not experts in their field, can leave you with a less than adequate monthly income to support you and your family.

Whether dealing with applications for divorce maintenance or applications for the substitution or discharge of existing divorce maintenance orders in the maintenance court, M. P. Lutge Incorporated are your Durban Attorneys.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s head office in Durban, we ensure that our client’s divorce maintenance application highlights the areas the courts are most likely to take into account when granting a divorce maintenance order. This helps ensure that the divorce maintenance orders are granted first time and at first-rate values.

Our company’s founder has, since he began appearing in Divorce Maintenance matters over thirty years ago, grown and developed his firm into a network of professional and proficient attorneys throughout South Africa. This system of associates has, over the last three decades, proven that they are the professionals capable of getting you the best divorce maintenance order, not only in Durban but also anywhere throughout South Africa; just ask our thousands of satisfied clients.

It does not matter whether you need help with the divorce maintenance order for your child (whether your child is adopted, born in or out of wedlock, or born of your first or a subsequent marriage) or the divorce maintenance order for your ex-spouse; we ensure that a high value maintenance order is a reality.

To commence proceedings in an application for divorce maintenance, or an application for the substitution or discharge of an existing divorce maintenance order, the applicant must lodge a complaint in writing with the maintenance officer at the maintenance court, to the effect that

  1. the person legally liable to maintain the complainant or person (for example, dependent child) on whose behalf maintenance is claimed is failing to do so; or
  2. Good cause or reason exists for the substitution (increase or decrease) or discharge of an existing maintenance order.

Not only do we make this process easy, we ensure:

  1. the best possible maintenance order is granted; and
  2. Your ex-spouse makes payment in terms of that order.

At our Durban firm of Attorneys, we do not talk about getting your divorce maintenance paid, we let the Sheriff talk for us with a warrant of execution, an attachment of salary/wages, or an attachment of debt.

In short, M. P. Lutge Incorporated are your attorneys in Durban, or elsewhere in the country, for spousal and child divorce maintenance.