Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV).

Contact our Durban head office now for our help if you believe you, or your loved one, have suffered from any of the following types of Domestic violence:

  1. Physical abuse;
  2. Sexual abuse;
  3. Emotional abuse;
  4. Verbal abuse;
  5. Psychological abuse;
  6. Intimidation;
  7. Harassment;
  8. Stalking;
  9. Damage to property;
  10. Someone has entering your home without your consent; and
  11. Other controlling or abusive behaviour that harms or could harm you or your loved one;

In Durban, and elsewhere, the main remedy for an applicant is to prevent further domestic violence by way of a protection order (interdict) against the other party. A breach of the protection order carries a criminal sanction for contempt of court. This remedy exists in addition to the ability to lay criminal charges.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s founder has, since he began appearing in Domestic Violence matters over thirty years ago, grown and developed his firm into a team of experts within the company and throughout South Africa. Over the last three decades, our law firm has developed a network of expert legal professionals who are capable of assisting you with any Domestic Violence matter, not only in Durban but also throughout South Africa.

Our legal professionals provide accessible, speedy relief to complainants of domestic violence in:

  1. Marriages;
  2. cohabitation relationships (same-sex or heterosexual);
  3. engagements;
  4. dating or customary relationships;
  5. to people who are parents of a child;
  6. family members;
  7. those who share a residence;

We will approach the court for a domestic violence order with conditions that will take into account the particular context of your abusive relationships, including an order:-

  1. prohibiting the respondent from entering the whole or a part of the shared residence, the complainants residence, or the complainant’s place of employment;
  2. authorising seizure of weapons;
  3. police accompaniment for the complainant to collect her personal belongings;
  4. that the respondent should continue to pay rent or mortgage or emergency monetary relief; and/or
  5. prohibiting or laying down conditions for contact with children by the respondent.

Please note that the physical address of the complainant, in Domestic Violence matters must be omitted from the protection order. Furthermore, we can approach the court to make additional directions in your Domestic Violence Order with regard to non-disclosure.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated are your attorneys, whether in Durban or elsewhere in South Africa, for issues relating to domestic violence.