Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, can be hard on spouses and their family. Let us help you through this time by assisting you in getting your divorce handled as experty and efficiently as possible.

In South Africa, when considering divorce, it is very important to ensure you have expert legal assistance for a number of reasons. However, there are two that are more notable:

  1. When you divorce your assets will be divided, which has wide reaching financial consequences to you and your children;
  2. You could potentially miss out on your child’s upbringing should the arrangements regarding minor children, their care, contact and support (custody, access and maintenance) be dealt with inexpertly at the time of divorce.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s head office in Durban, by drawing on our founder’s over three decades of experience, we ensure that our client’s application for divorce highlights the areas the courts are most likely to take into account when deciding:

  1. the manner in which your assets will be divided;
  2. the amount of maintenance you or your spouse will be obligated to pay;
  3. who will be able to have custody and access to your loved ones;

Our company’s founder, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, has over the last thirty years of legal practice developed a network of professional and proficient attorneys throughout South Africa. Our legal firm, along with our system of associates, has proven, by helping thousands of clients get the best divorce settlements, that they are the professionals capable of getting you the best possible divorce order, not only in Durban but anywhere throughout South Africa.

Call us from anywhere in South Africa and we will ensure that you have the upper hand at all times during your divorce.