Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that your estate (i.e. everything you own) is set up in a tax-efficient way that benefits you during your lifetime and your beneficiaries after you die. Essentially, estate planning is the process of anticipating, and arranging for, the dissolution of your estate.

Having your estate planned through M. P. Lutge Incorporated ensures you receive the following benefits:

  1. The requirements in terms of your will are carried out smoothly;
  2. The assets in your estate are protected from the possibility of a forced sale by assessing the availability of liquidity in your estate to meet any needs including – special bequests, debt, liabilities for estate duty and other taxes as well as ensuring that your spouse has sufficient income during the winding up of your estate;
  3. Your estate duty is minimised;
  4. Your tax, including Capital Gains Tax, is minimised;
  5. Your inheritances are sufficiently protected for your heirs;
  6. Your business interests are protected during your lifetime and on death for the benefit of your heirs;
  7. There is sufficient flexibility to accommodate changes in the law and/or economy, to ensure that an Estate Plan that is too restrictive does not hamper the future growth of assets in your estate.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s Durban head office, we are able to provide you with professional and proficient legal experts throughout South Africa by using our extensive network of skilled practitioners in estate planning in every area of South Africa.

Our founder’s experience in estate planning, being in excess of thirty years, combined with his expertly trained handpicked legal associates, means we can ensure your estate plan is one that eliminates uncertainties over the administration of your deceased estate and maximises the value of your estate by reducing estate duty and other expenses.

Our firm is widely regarded as one of the top firms in all areas of estate planning, and more notably the following:

  1. Wills;
  2. Trusts;
  3. Life insurance policies;
  4. Gifts;
  5. Donations; and
  6. Powers of Attorney.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated we make certain that every aspect of the estate planning process is covered by making provisions for those left behind as follows:

  1. we ensure that guardians are designated for minor children and beneficiaries who are incapable of caring for themselves
  2. we ensure that your specific final arrangements, such as whether to you wish to be buried or cremated, are part of the documents;
  3. should you so wish, we provide for a “living will” setting out directives concerning end of life decisions;

Give yourself and your loved ones all the advantages you can during their difficult time and contact M. P. Lutge Incorporated, not only in Durban but anywhere in South Africa, to deal with your Estate Planning.