Administration of Estates

The legalities involved with the administration of estates, particularly for deceased estates or living wills, is often a difficult thing for an individual to think about, let alone formally organise. We at MP Lutge Incorporated understand how sensitive the issue of estate administration is. Our Durban based firm handle administration orders for numerous clients across South Africa in a professional manner that strictly adheres to the established terms.

When appointing an executor for your estate or deciding on a trustee for testamentary trust, it’s important to find an estate administrator that firstly, has a high degree of credibility and secondly, the expertise to properly conduct the stipulations set out by in the testator. Our law firm in Durban is well established, has extensive experience in the administration of estate and many satisfied clients in and around South Africa.

Estate Attorneys- Durban Services

A last will and testament can be quite a complex document to organise, particularly for individuals with multiple benefactors or large assets with low liquidity. Even if you’re creating an inter-vivos trust (living trust), for instance, you don’t want to constantly concern yourself with its management.

  • Wills
  • Drawing Testamentary and Intervivos Trusts
  • General Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Estate Planning

If you want plan the administration of your estate so you can properly provide for your family should a tragedy occur, or just want to create a trust so there’s a definite structure as to how your beneficiaries are provided for, give us a call and we can go through it together and you can decide the most sensible course of action for your estate moving forward.