Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling can be a scary procedure to undergo but, by using M. P. Lutge Incorporated, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. For the first two months, you will not need to pay any instalments on credit agreements;
  2. your debts will be substantially reduced;
  3. the interest rates on your outstanding debts will be dropped;
  4. none of your creditors will be able to institute legal proceedings against you; and
  5. your quality of life will be immediately improved.

Though our firm of attorneys is located in Durban, we are able to assist clients with Debt Counselling throughout South Africa by using the network of expert attorneys we have, over the last thirty years, carefully developed.

At our firm of professional attorneys, we ensure you the most efficient and effective debt counselling available in South Africa.

The best part is anyone who, after deducting living expenses from their net salary, does not have enough money left over to pay their monthly debts may apply to a debt counsellor to be placed under debt counselling.

Our debt counsellor will, upon receiving your request, do an expert evaluation of your financial position, living expenses and debt obligations. The evaluation may have one of the following three results.

  1. you are declared over-indebted, in which case the debt counsellor will issue a proposal to the Magistrates Court to make one or both of the following orders:
    a. That one or more of your credit agreements are declared reckless;
    b. That your debt obligations are re- arranged by extending the period in which you have to repay your debt obligations.
  2. you are not over-indebted but you are experiencing problems in paying your debts punctually, in which case we contact your credit providers to arrange a plan of debt-rearrangement on your favour;
    #you are not over-indebted, in which case your application for debt review will be rejected;

Thereafter, our first-rate debt counsellor will prepare an expert proposal (rehabilitation scenario) to rearrange your debt obligations and present it to your creditors in order to obtain their input possible approval.

Once the proposal is accepted your debt counsellor will record it in the form of a consent order and approach a competent court in to have the order granted.

If all of your creditors do not accept the rehabilitation scenario, or if one should fail to respond to the proposal, the debt counsellor will simply approach the Magistrate’s Court for an order declaring your proposal the new payment plan.

Let M. P. Lutge Incorporated lighten your burden of debt by contacting us to see if you qualify for Debt Counselling.