Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Durban, and elsewhere in South Africa, can be quite an expensive and laborious process if you have the wrong attorney.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, our Durban based firm of attorneys has, over the past thirty years, built an extensive network of attorneys who are able to assist you in your Debt Collection matter anywhere in South Africa.

Using the latest technologies, our debt collection clients, whether requiring bulk work or work on an individual basis, are able to login and access their matters through our website 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year from anywhere in the country. The result is that our clients are never unaware of the progress being made in the collection of their debt.

Furthermore, our state of the art legal technologies ensure that all aspects of our debt collection are streamlined. Our systems have automatic prompters built into each legal matter that ensure there is zero downtime between a matter being ready to proceed and progress being made in collecting your debts.

Bulk Debt Collection

If there are bulk debts to be collected, our innovative technology allows us to automatically generate any legal documents common to debt collection matters. As soon as we are provided with the matter specific details, we are able to insert those matter specific details automatically into our debt collection documents. This means that we can generate an unlimited (hundreds/thousands/etc) number of documents for different files simultaneously at the click of a button. This makes our firm perfectly suited to do bulk work for large companies (such as motor vehicle accident recoveries for insurance companies, outstanding loans for financial institutions, debts owed to retail outlets, etc).

Debt Collection Costs

Debt collection can, even for large companies, mean that large amounts of legal fees are outlaid in the pursuit of debtors/defendants. At our Durban based law firm, we understand this and offer our clients the option either to pay our fees on our normal scale, as and when they are due, or to pay our fees on a contingency basis by entering into a contingency fee agreement (which basically means that if we do not collect your money, we do not get paid).

Our company’s combination of experience and technology makes us a formidable legal firm, whether you are in Durban or elsewhere, that is perfectly suited to deal with your Debt Collection.