Debt Law

Most individuals and commercial entities accrue debt in some shape or form throughout their lifetime. Problems arise in this situation when either a creditor exploits their position or a debtor defaults on payment. Our legal services cater for both sides of a credit agreement, with emphasis placed on a quick resolution that satisfies our client.


Management of your finances and general credit status can sometimes get away from people. The biggest mistake a person can make is to think that the situation is too big for them. Their debts and liabilities can be mitigated and reduced through our debt counsellors. In Durban, where we are based, we negotiate and use various debt solutions to help our clients manage their debt.

Debt Counselling

We examine all your creditors and the various credit agreements relating to them and formulate the appropriate plan-of-action to first control these debts then, ultimately, eliminate them.

  • Debt consolidation
  • Administration Orders
  • Business Rescue Proceedings
  • Liquidations

If you are currently experiencing troubles with your debt situation, one of the above services may help alleviate the debt and help pay your creditors. Contact us and one of our debt attorneys will personally go over it with you and discuss the best way to proceed for your situation.


Control over your entire portfolio of debtors can be particularly challenging. This is especially true for companies where debt is attached to services as an industry standard or private and commercial landlords. Although we offer our debt collection services in Durban, there is no geographic limit to where we will go to legally recover your debt.

Debt Collection

Debt recovery can be a tricky and subtle process. We work through various legal channels to locate your debtors and secure fair payment from them.

  • Debtor tracing
  • Sequestration of Estates

If you have a long list of bad debtors you think you’ll never any kind of payment from, don’t just write if off as bad debt. Give us a call and we can discuss some other options at your disposal to get you what is owed.