Representations to the Senior Public Prosecutor

Representations to the Public Prosecutor, made by an expert with years of experience in negotiating, could result in your criminal matter being withdrawn. This means that:

  1. Your criminal matter will no longer proceed;
  2. Depending on when the matter is withdrawn, it could mean that the state will be barred from proceeding against you criminally;
  3. Your immediate release from prison;
  4. Possible civil claims against the state resulting in massive payouts to you;

Representations to Public Prosecutors at our Durban firm of Attorneys, M. P. Lutge Incorporated, are one of our firm’s specialties. With our seasoned and knowledgeable team of attorneys, situated in Durban, complimented by a network of skilled legal specialists throughout South Africa, we are widely regarded throughout South Africa as one of the best law firms litigating in all criminal matters (white collar crime, assault, theft, drugs, etc.).

If you have been arrested, are out on bail, or are otherwise currently involved in a criminal action it is of the utmost importance that you approach an expert to ensure that your rights are protected in the best manner possible.

The use of the negotiation process, by way of Representations to the Public Prosecutor (at senior or national level) in respect of criminal matters, is a powerful tool in all criminal proceedings. The Public Prosecutors are endowed by the state with the authority to withdraw criminal matters currently proceeding before the Magistrate’s or High Court.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, our founder and director, Malcolm Patrick Lutge, has been making Representations to the Public Prosecutor in criminal matters for over thirty years. Over the course of time, our Durban law firm has not only grown within itself (now boasting a team of experts in Representations to the Public Prosecutor) but has also formed an association of talented and knowledgeable legal experts throughout the country. The result is twofold. Firstly, we have the know-how necessary to ensure you the best possible outcome. Secondly, though we are situated in Durban, we are able to assist you regardless of your whereabouts in South Africa.

We at M. P. Lutge Incorporated think outside of the box when it comes to finding solutions to your criminal problems by making the best use of our ability to make, on our behalf, Representations to the Public Prosecutor.