Trademark registration is necessary to distinguish your services and goods from the services and goods of others in Durban, South Africa, or anywhere else in the world. Trademark registration is dealt with in terms of the South African Trade Marks Act No 194 of 1993 and may be renewed indefinitely (depending on the circumstance)

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, a firm of attorneys with its head office in Durban, we can ensure the continuity of your brand, and safe guard your company’s goodwill in respect of its goods and services, from anywhere in the country. Our network of trademark registration experts throughout South Africa allow you access to the best legal assistance regardless of where you are situated.

Trademark registration is a cost-effective way of protecting the object of your labour – your name and reputation. Our professional team makes certain that your time and hard work spent building the reputation of your product is worth it by eliminating your competitors ability to imitate your product.

Though our firm of attorneys is situated in Durban, we are able to assist you from anywhere in the country as all we require from you is the following

  1. A copy of your intended trademark for registration (i.e. a name, slogan, or logo);
  2. Details of all products or services to which the trademark to be registered will be applied;

Our specialist attorneys in Durban can assess whether your trademark to be registered is capable of registration by conducting a search at the South African Trade Marks Office. In this way, we are able to see whether there are existing trademarks registered that are identical or similar to yours.

Your company name should also be registered to protect its reputation and goodwill from competitors. This is an independent registration to trademark registration but one that our skilled attorneys are capable of completing expertly and efficiently. Once we have registered your company name and trademark, your competitors will be unable to use your registered trademark and name.

Regardless of your location in South Africa, should you wish to market numerous product lines, with distinct names or brands, or you are in need of just the singular trademark registration, our Durban based firm of attorneys, with its decades of practical experience and mass of happy clients, is perfectly suited to ensuring a quick and cost effective trademark registration.