General Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Durban, and throughout South Africa, may number in the hundreds but there are only a handful of experts.

Commercial Litigation is one of the most varied and complex areas of law, whether the matter is at a local level (i.e. within Durban), a national level (i.e. where companies trade goods and services throughout South Africa), or an international level, (i.e. companies dealing in import and export).

Our Durban based firm provides an extensive array of corporate and commercial litigation services throughout South Africa, including, but not limited to:

  1. Restraints of trade
  2. Competition law (such as prohibited business practices before the Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal and Competition Appeal Court)
  3. Unlawful competition
  4. Insolvency
  5. Business rescue proceedings
  6. Urgent applications and interdicts
  7. Administrative law
  8. Fraud recovery
  9. General commercial expertise

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, a firm of attorneys based in Durban (which boasts the busiest general cargo port and largest and busiest container terminals in the Southern Hemisphere), our team of expert and professional attorneys have one of the leading practices in the field of commercial litigation.

Our core legal team in Durban, and network of specialists throughout South Africa, concentrate on handling high value, complex, multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation disputes, allowing us to provide our clients with a truly proficient service. Whether the matter deals with construction, import and export, or a local business endeavour gone wrong, our firm is able to assist you in your commercial litigation.

We have acted for major national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies and parastatal organisations on numerous commercial litigation disputes substantial in both the value of the claims and the complexity of the legal issues involved.

Our commercial litigation division is staffed by an erudite team of attorneys capable of dealing with commercial claims ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions.

Furthermore, our systematic approach to commercial litigation means that we are more than capable of dealing with bulk commercial collection matters.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated is expert and efficient on a national and international level boasting a group of attorneys with a profundity of expertise in strategic industry sectors for all of your corporate and commercial litigation.

we are THE Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Durban.