Drafting of Agreements and Leases

Drafting of commercial agreements and agreements of lease in general (such as retail agreements, partnership agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, etc.), falls under the Law of Contract.

At our firm in Durban, that has at its core a team of legal experts intimately acquainted with the drafting of commercial agreements and agreements of lease, our founders excess of thirty years of experience means that we are more than adequately equipped to bring certainty to commercial endeavours in a way that leaves you, our client, in the best possible position.

When drafting lease / commercial agreements in South African law, whether dealing with agreements of a commercial or rent related nature, there are a number of formalities that must be complied with to ensure the drafted commercial / lease agreement meets the required formalities.

When drafting commercial / lease agreements, our team of experts, well versed in the latest legal developments (such as the Companies Act, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act, etc.), make certain your rights are protected and you are able to hold the other party liable should he decide to breach his agreement.

Whether your matter is in Durban, or elsewhere in South Africa, our widespread association of specialist attorneys in drafting commercial and lease agreements are able to help you, as confirmed by our multitude of overjoyed clients.

If you prefer to see an attorney face-to-face, or only have the time to deal with the drafting of your commercial and/or lease agreement over the phone or by email, we can provide you with an agreement of lease / commercial contract, that will keep you safe guarded in the event that your commercial, or property related, venture go wrong.

As the lease agreement or commercial contract is the primary document, and is reverted to if and when a dispute arises, it is imperative that all terms, conditions, and obligations of the parties are correctly recorded in the drafted agreement/contract itself.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated, your Durban based firm of attorneys capable of operating anywhere throughout South Africa, we make certain any dispute arising between you, our client, and the other party are resolved in a way that best suits you by drafting you an ironclad Lease and/or Commercial Agreement.