Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution Attorneys in Durban may be abundant, but finding an expert in the field is rare. Alternative Dispute Resolution has become, in these modern times, one of the best options available to resolve a disagreement and avoid costly litigation.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated we can assist you in obtaining the following benefits of alternative dispute resolution:

  1. Resolution of your disputes outside of the courts and at much lower costs than litigation;
  2. Speedy resolution of your disputes – alternative dispute resolution meetings can be scheduled by you, the disputant, and the panellist whenever, and where ever, you are available;
  3. Parties maintain control by having the option to select the method of alternative dispute resolution, the panellist for the alternative dispute resolution, and the length of the process;
  4. Parties maintain confidentiality as disputes are all conducted in private and in strict confidentiality;
  5. Experienced neutral panellists that are professional mediators and arbitrators with training and expertise in alternative dispute resolution;
  6. Process is less antagonistic as alternative dispute resolutions take place in a more informal, less confrontational atmosphere that is more conducive to maintaining a positive business relationship between the two parties;

M. P. Lutge Incorporated, a firm of attorneys situated in Durban, is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s leading alternative dispute resolution firms. With our law firm’s decades of experience in almost every aspect of litigation we are able to offer our clients outstanding professional and efficient legal advice in a court room, arbitration, tribunal hearing, dispute resolution forum or mediation.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated can help you in Durban or elsewhere in South Africa due to our network of legal specialists who are well practised in all areas of alternate dispute resolution.

M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s team of proficient and professional attorneys have the expertise and experience to represent clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings before statutory bodies that regulate varied regions of social and economic activities, including the:

  1. Human Rights Commission;
  2. Independent Communications Authority;
  3. Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights;
  4. Medicines Control Council;
  5. Securities Regulation Panel;
  6. Department of Health’s Pricing Committee;
  7. Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal;
  8. International Trade Administration Commission;
  9. Financial Services Board;
  10. Various gaming and gambling regulatory bodies;

Alternative dispute resolution, when dealt with through our unrivalled firm of attorneys, is perfectly suited to deal with, amongst others, the following types of dispute:

  1. Employment construction and engineering matters;
  2. Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency (pending the implementation of the anticipated business rescue provisions);
  3. Commercial litigation;
  4. Commercial property and real estate;
  5. Disputes arising out of lease agreements;
  6. Evictions (whether in accordance with PIE, SETA or the common law);
  7. Acquisitions;
  8. Disposals;
  9. Property developments;
  10. General contractual arrangements pertaining to property;
  11. International trade;
  12. Maritime and transport;
  13. Etc.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated’s Durban firm of attorneys, one of the most highly regarded law firms locally and nationally, we pride ourselves in being skilled and professional when handling matters involving Alternative Dispute Resolution.