About Us

Attorneys in Durban may be dime a dozen, but quality Lawyers are hard to find. At our Durban based law firm we have attorneys and staff single mindedly focused on delivering for our clients and providing only the best legal expertise. We also ensure that our clients are always fully aware what options they have and which one will prove the the most beneficial to them.

Attorneys in Durban – Expert Attorneys

With over 30 years of collective experience in South Africa’s legal arena, we are always ready to fight for our clients. Our approach to legal matters is focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Our only goal is to ensure your success in your legal endeavour.

Be it commercial litigation, estates administration or even a divorce, our Durban practice is well versed in your legal issue and will apply the full weight of our legal expertise to benefit our clients, be it a large corporation claiming for bulk collection or a private party instituting a ‘small’ lawsuit. We take pride in our legal services and always make sure we practice law in an ethical manner that places our client’s goals at the forefront.