Durban Attorneys

Lawyers may be dime-a-dozen but our experienced attorneys, who are committed to achieving the excellent results our clients deserve, are a cut above the rest. Whether your matter relates to divorce, debt collection, debt counselling, criminal litigation, property transfers or commercial agreements, our attorneys will handle your case in a professional and prompt manner using extensive legal expertise.

Family Law

Antenuptial contracts, divorce, and child custody are some of the areas in which our Durban attorneys are regarded specialists. With decades of expertise, we ensure you receive the best legal service.

Property Law

Property transfers and bond registrations can be a huge hassle. Our veteran Durban Conveyancers / Attorneys, with over 30 years experience, will solve your legal issues.

Debt Law

Debt Counselling to Debt collection, we do it all. Whether you require administration orders, business rescue, or company liquidation, our thirty-year veteran attorneys in Durban can help you.

Commercial Law

Trademarks, company registrations, and business rescue/liquidation proceedings are our company’s forte. Whether in Durban or elsewhere in the country, our attorneys ensure skilled legal assistance.


Evcitions, urgent court orders, and rescissions of judgment are matters that require an expert attorney. Our Durban firm’s three decades of practice offers expert legal help anywhere in S.A.

Criminal Law

Bail applications, appeals, and removal of criminal records can be incredibly stressful and complex. Our Durban firm of attorneys criminal law experts are able to assure you of the best legal service.

Estate Administration

Wills, administration of estates, trusts, and estate planning are often only thought of in times of loss. Contact our specialist Durban attorneys for compassionate and skilled legal assistance.

Durban Lawyers

Whether your matter pertains to civil or criminal law, you don’t want any attorney, you want an attorney who has decades of experience and who is available when and where you are. Our firm, which has over thirty years worth of expertise, has a network of legal experts throughout South Africa capable of helping you anywhere and anytime.

At MP Lutge Incorporated, we pride ourselves on providing each and every client with the full measure of our over 30 years of legal experience. When our clients place their trust in us, by allowing us to collect their debt, draft their antenuptial contract, deal with their debt review, or represent their interests in their divorce, we repay that trust by ensuring they receive the most professional and proficient service available.

As one of the finest law firms in Durban, our lawyers, capitalising on their extensive experience and highly inventive legal thinking, won’t rest until they’ve explored every existing legal option to make certain you get the best possible result.

Our skilled attorneys understand that certain legal procedures (such as administration of estates, wills, bail applications, criminal trials or custody/access) can be stressful and emotional. Our team is trained to make the experience as quick and painless as possible whilst keeping you informed of all progress made and the best available legal options.

At M. P. Lutge Incorporated the legal matter for which you seek assistance is of no consequence, we have the proficiency and capability to ensure the best legal outcome.